How far are you willing to travel?

Anywhere in the world – we will quote a fee including time & travel expenses.

How long will The Funtime Frankies live band perform for?

We’ll play up to 2 hours live usually split into 2 sets but we’re very flexible and will play what is required for your event and also adjust accordingly if your event ends up running late (which is often the case).

How long does it take the band to set up and sound check?

About 1 hour or so but venues that have difficult access to the stage, such as not being on the ground floor, will of course mean it takes us longer to set up. We may liaise with the venue to clarify the best time for us to arrive.

Does the time the band arrives and leaves affect the cost?

Yes it does. The price The Funtime Frankies quote presumes that the band arrive at about 6:00pm to be ready set up in time for 7:00pm to 7:30pm and can start packing up our equipment by 12:00am. If you need The Funtime Frankies there a lot earlier or wish us to perform very late, such as before a wedding breakfast or in a night club, then we will provide you with a quote taking the extra time into account. Obviously timings for afternoon events will be different.

What’s the best time to play at a wedding reception?

The Funtime Frankies are flexible and are happy to play when you require, but from our experience the following works well. Presuming you have a buffet the band would perform a short first set starting with your first dance, for about 30-45 minutes up to the buffet, and then a second longer set of about 1h15 to 1h30 after everyone has eaten. We have also found that it is best not to start performing too early – we recommend no earlier than 8.00pm (apart from background acoustic music such as during cocktails) – as many evening guests do not arrive until then. The Funtime Frankies’ main aim is to make sure your guests are up and dancing for as much of the evening as possible!

What happens to the music when you are not performing?

Either we can provide a DJ for your event for an extra fee or we can provide suitable pre-selected recorded playlists of usual party favourites or background dinner music – all included in the fee. If you have particular songs that you wish to be added to the playlist then do let us know, or alternatively we are more than happy to plug your own device with your own playlist into our sound system.

Will The Funtime Frankies learn our first dance/special song?

Yes and this is included in the fee. Please give us at least 6 weeks notice so we can fit it into our band rehearsal schedule if we don’t already know it.

Can we choose which songs The Funtime Frankies perform?

Do check through our set list and let us know which your favourite songs are and we will make sure we play them, and conversely if there are one or two you really don’t like then we’ll take note! Having said this, we have had years of experience judging the mood and make up of a crowd to have a good idea of what will go down well. As we have said before we want to make sure your guests have a great time – we haven’t failed yet and don’t intend to start any time soon!

If there is a song that isn’t listed on our website that you would like us to perform do let us know – we’re always open to suggestions on adding good dance floor fillers to our set!

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and PAT (electrical safety) certificates for your equipment?

Yes. We have group Public Liability Insurance, and we also keep our electrical equipment with fully up-to-date PAT certificates which can be provided on request.

Do you require a deposit when booking?

Usually we will ask for a 25% booking fee which is non-refundable if you cancel your event within 9 months of the date.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We will always quote a fee which is fully inclusive of all travel and accommodation costs.

Will you need feeding and watering?

Yes please! A buffet or hot meal fuels The Funtime Frankies for a fantastic performance for your party!

What if there is something else I need to ask?

Then get in touch with the band! We always respond to emails quickly and you can always get hold of someone over the phone.